Why your Medicaid Lawfirm Should Have a Listing Here

Ingvar Grimsmo

Medicaid Lawfirms Directory Site Facts.

Why is your listing there? You don't remember asking for it.
We decided to manually enter in a selection of lawfirms with a Medicaid practice to add to the listings of our website clients. For a 6 month period. Then ask for a moderate annual listing fee to cover costs. 
You have seen many law firm listing sites. Some are dedicated to Elder Law. Some are fly-by-night sites. This site is different. has been active since 2003. Up until recently, the site offered tons of Medicaid articles and customized one-on-one listings of law firms we do business with. (We develop and maintain websites for Elder Lawyers). We decided to make the listing portion more advanced to increase visibilty for our listing clients.
The main purpose for the listing is, in all honesty SEO link-juice. The site is very popular with search engines. It comes up on the first page for many Medicaid related terms bringing Medicaid interested visitors to the site. Then they can read about Medicaid in their state and use the directory to find you. So your site website link is surrounded by very focused Medicaid content. This is very important to search engines.
With your support (listing fee) we will continue to add custom and unique Medicaid content to the site and thereby attract even more visitors that will find your firm.
Please contact us should you have any questions.
Ingvar Grimsmo

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